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NexTrend Technologies, Inc. and NexTrend Securities, Inc. ("NexTrend")

NexTrend's business model is to assist in providing a solution when it comes to raising capital for your business or project. If you are new to our web site and haven't tried NexTrend as of yet then please take a look around and let us show why we believe we offer the most unique suite of capital raising tools available.

Based on NexTrend's business lines and experience both as a software company and securities firm, we believe the company is best positioned to assist entrepreneurs in the achievement of their project and business goals.

NexTrend provides a dynamic electronic environment where entrepreneurs can interact with individuals interested in their projects or business. This interaction can generate pledges of support, donations, and in some cases, investment.

NexTrend Technologies, Inc. based in Dallas Texas was incorporated on May 10, 1993 and acts as the parent company for NexTrend Securities, Inc. NexTrend Technologies main business is a financial software development and distribution company. NexTrend Technologies was the first financial market information software designed specifically to deliver stock market data and professional analysis over the Internet. The company has spent over $28 million developing its technology and its proprietary direct access trading platform and back office risk management solutions for the financial service industry.

NexTrend Securities, Inc. based in Dallas Texas was incorporated on July 24, 1997. NexTrend Securities is a licensed FINRA/SEC broker dealer that will work with companies pursuing equity crowdfunding, private placements or investment banking services. NexTrend provides a 3-stage financing solution to entrepreneurs via crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and investment banking over the Internet.

The firm currently holds the following registrations:

General Securities Representative (Series 7)
General Securities Principal (Series 24)
Futures Managed Funds (Series 31)
Municipal Securities Principal (Series 53)
Securities Agent (Series 63)
Investment Adviser (Series 65)
Investment Banking (Series 79)
Operations Professional (Series 99)

The firm's current membership agreement allows for the following business activities and has no restrictions.

Broker or Dealer retailing corporate equity securities
Broker or Dealer setailing corporate debt securities
Mutual fund retailer
Put and call broker or dealer or option writer
Sharing commissions from corporate transactions (equity and debt)
Private placements of securities
Selling group participant private and public offerings
Internet trading and equity crowdfunding
Mergers and acquisitions ("M&A") business activities

What makes NexTrend different?

We have three different businesses under our parent company NexTrend Technologies, Inc. (NexTrend Crowdfunding, NexTrend Equity Crowdfunding and NexTrend Securities).

We offer a 3-stage financing solution to entrepreneurs via crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and investment banking over the Internet.

This business model supports the entrepreneur with financing solutions appropriate for the emergence, growth and development of a project or business lifecycle.

The total solution for entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies.

From emergent concept validation, to initial or additional structuring and funding, to stabilized business operations and investment banking.

1. NexTrend Crowdfunding (emergent concept validation). Through crowdfunding entrepreneurs gain access to campaign initiation which provides the all important proof of concept, market validation, consumer awareness and pre-sales.

2. NexTrend Equity Crowdfunding (initial or additional financing). Through equity crowdfunding entrepreneurs have access to additional resources necessary for growing the business and continuing proof of concept.

3. NexTrend Investment banking (entree to capital markets). Through our investment banking business NexTrend Securities is available to assist as business structure and growth strategies may require more sophisticated and sustainable financial options.

Thank you for visiting the NexTrend crowdfunding website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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